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Dear Yuletide writer, )
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I wrote!: something that feels right (which, incidentally -- and I keep forgetting to add this in an author's note -- is a lyric from Tilly and the Wall's "Dust Me Off" -- which seems to be my go-to bffs-makin'-out song of choice). My very first Yuletide and my very first Juno fic.

Actually. It started off as Juno/Vanessa, and then I vacillated between Juno/Leah and Juno/Vanessa for the longest time before I remembered that I sort of really love Juno/Leah (see: best friends, kissing, my thing for this), and there you are.

And can I say? I love love love the voice I got to play with here. I had the deep fret I wouldn't be able to pull it off -- Juno has such a distinctive style to it (and it's always LOOK HOW QUIRKY grating for the first ten minutes of the movie, and then I always fall in love with it as if by magic), and I did not know if I could rock that. But I think I did okay. And anyway it was scads of fun.

is it next Yuletide yet?
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It is Melchior/Moritz and there is PORN in it and I am quaking, I am quaking with glee. Look! Coherent awkward sexual experimentation during "Touch Me:" it is ALL I EVER WANTED. And the way it's so so perfectly in character (Melchior's dialogue! he's so confident, he knows what sex is. of course, of course.), and how the title is the lyric I quoted in my DYW letter. And it pushes the button on my heart that goes all swoonymelty over Moritz saying "Melchi" (sweet canon nicknames for all the win). I want to wrap it up and put it in my heart.

Yuletide writer, if you are stalking this: I LOVE IT in case that were not immediately obvious. Thank you! You are grand! <3! <3!

And now I have the "oooh-oooh-oh, ohmygod yeahyeahyeah" chorus breakdown stuck in my head, and I'm unsure if that's a downside or an EVEN-FURTHER-UPside.
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Dear Yuletide writer, )


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