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Dear Yuletide writer,

Hi! I got an excellent story last year and this year is going to be just as badass. I am sure of it.

I'm not so amazing at giving prompts because I'd honestly just be delighted to see stories in these fandoms with these characters. I did try to expand on them, but what mainly ended up happening was more flailing about things I like. I did try?

I like unresolved sexual tension and really true friendship and flawed characters and character-driven fiction. Any rating is fine, and I don't have any problem with het or slash or gen or threesomes or anything along that line.

Runaways; Nico/Karolina – These two were the first Runaways couple I shipped and I will forever have a soft spot for them, so I would love to see a shippy thing (unresolved, even – Karolina’s secret unrequited crush, oh my heart), though gen with a focus on their friendship would be lovely also.

It doesn’t need to only be Nico and Karolina – I love the team dynamic. Some of my favorite Runaways stories have been about them trying to do mundane teenage things even with their ridiculous living situation.

So I read the first arc of Runaways and then it took me FOREVER to get around to continuing on (I was in my Alex-was-my-favorite-why-did-you-do-that-to-me stage, plus we didn't have the books lying around the house). Xavin has grown on me so, but the point I stopped at for the longest time was Karolina crushing on Nico and so they cemented themselves into my heart. I would love to see something set around that time, because up until the end of 18 is my favorite part of the comic and because it would avoid the issue of breaking up Karolina/Xavin which would break me.

I love Nico's leadership role and the fact that Karolina is made of sunshine. I love their melodrama and I love that they fuck up sometimes. I love that they're really just teenagers, when you get down to it, trying to do the best they can.

Sandman; any – Oh man. Okay. Anything with the Endless would be excellent -- I love their relationships with each other, and they work so well for crossovers if we happen to have any fandoms in common. I am also fond of Matthew, and Hazel/Foxglove, and Nuala/Lucien. Also I’m intrigued by the idea of Sandman apocalypse fic.

I am least interested in Rose Walker, but if you have an idea for a really great Rose story, you should definitely go for it.

I asked for anything because really anything would be great. The suggestions are the things I like especially. I also like Wanda and Thessaly and Bast, and my favorite sibling relationships are those between Death and Dream, Despair and Desire, and Destruction and Delirium.

Anything, seriously. This series is so wide and encompasses so many genres and leaves room for so many fantastical things that you could run with any crazy idea and it would fit right in.

Dark Tower; Roland/Cuthbert/Susan - I love this entire triangle. Roland and Susan’s melodramatic teenage soulmate love affair, Cuthbert’s jealousy and then eventual respect, the if-I-had-met-you-first potential of Cuthbert/Susan, Roland and Cuthbert’s best friendship and all its tribulations. Anything with the three of them and their dynamic would be great.

As I said last year: Cuthbert's my favorite kind of character, all wisecracking and broken, and teenage Roland is such a thing to see because it's so him but young and stupid (but still as committed to the Tower as anything), and Susan is so very fierce in her way.

I ship pretty much every combination of these three, but if you’d rather write gen, I love what Susan to the relationship of the ka-tet, and how they come around to respect her eventually.

(I did sort of not talk about Alain in any of this. He is an important member of the tet! but only he is relatively laid-back about the whole thing, whereas Cuthbert brings all the drama.)

Um, one last thing: please don’t bash on any of them? There’s enough love to go around!

Mad Men; Peggy/Joan – I have such a thing for their kind of dynamic: the barely-veiled antagonism with a kind of respect way underneath. I was just watching the episodes in season three, right before Joan quits, and they’re making really stilted conversation in this way where you can tell they could almost be friends if either of them ever gave an inch. Mostly I would just love to see a story with them interacting at all because they don’t get nearly enough screen time together -- I would watch the Peggy and Joan Show if I could.

They’re both so strong in different ways – Peggy pushing the boundaries and Joan making the system work for her whenever she can. They’re almost constantly at odds (and I love seeing that! with both of them trying to, like, win the interaction and come out on top), so seeing them try to be almost friends sometimes makes my heart ache. (Actually, let’s not front, this whole show makes my heart ache. I am fascinated by the setting, even if it hurts to watch.) Anything you would want to write with the two of them in it would be lovely.

...And that's it! Thank you for offering to write for my fandoms -- you are a delight! Have fun and feel free to ignore all of my ridiculous flapping about.


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