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Yuletide letter

Dear Yuletide writer,

Hi! I love that you signed up for my fandoms; you clearly have excellent taste. My prompts are sorta vague. I tried to make them less so but honestly, if it has my characters in my fandom, I am a happy camper.

Squicks and not-squicks: No mpreg, non-con or character-bashing please and thankya. I have no problem with death and woe (seeing as, um, all of my requested fandoms have both of those things in spades). Also I have no problem with sex (*leer*).

I'd rather these stories be mostly canon-compliant rather than crazy! crazy! AUs this time around, but if you have an idea that's awesome, by all means go with it. (This goes for all things. If you have an idea you really love, that it isn't one of the ideas I flappily suggested, definitely go for yours.)

I really like the kinds of stories which are made of interconnected snippets. And missing scenes: I love them. I'm always sad that there's not more canon, or that the canon skipped over little things that I think would be really interesting, or that I didn't get to see every single interaction my favorite characters ever had.


Y: The Last Man -- Yorick and 355 -- Yorick and 355, gen or shippy or whatever, I don't even care. I just love their dynamic, snarky with secret layers of angst and UST and truest fellowship. They had this whole adventure, and I'd love to see any of their interactions that we didn't see in canon.
Also, any mention of knitting would earn one billion points.

Yorick and 355 are some of my favorites ever. Yorick has the obnoxious-cocky-snarky-but-insecure-and-broken deep-down thing going for him which gets me every time. (The geeky English major aspect is also a plus.) Three-fifty is a snarky badass secret agent bodyguard with mad skillz. And then the two of them have such a love which they express not by schmooping along but by being SNARKY AND AWESOME and and and. The unresolved sexual tension is kind of my favorite part, and their conversations.

As a knitter, I get a little thrill over the fact Three-fifty does it too. It's especially endearing how she's not that great at it (a garter-stitch scarf should not take a million years to make -- but what a scarf it was! ♥)
Y: The Last Man -- Sonia -- Sonia! Sonia/Yorick, or Sonia backstory, more on how she ended up in prison or how her life has been since the plague or WHATEVER. If it has Sonia in, I am so set.

SONIA. I fell head-over-heels in love with Sonia so fast. She's kind of geeky, also hardass and independent, and she's got enough of a fun angsty back-story to play with and really get into.

Spring Awakening -- Melchior and Moritz -- Slash? Or gen? I don't really care. I love Moritz and Melchior together, is all. I'd rather this is set within the timeline of the play (as opposed to when they're kids or something), and that it is probably angsty (because it's Spring Awakening, after all) but other than that, anything goes. Moritz freaking out about sex (as he does), or sad Melchior after Moritz dies -- missing scene kinds of things like that would be great.
I am constantly conflicted over whether I want to slash these two or not. On one hand, I dig the bestest platonic friends dynamic wherever I can find it. On the other -- they are bestest teenager friends and one of them is freaking out about sex and one of them thinks he knows everythiiiiing about sex and also "Touch Me" happened so they probably made out. At least once. Maybe.

Either way, Moritz is sort of twitchy and broken and sharp, and Melchior is very sincerely there for him (albeit in that kind of obnoxious I-know-so-many-things-and-am-such-a-revolutionary way that Melchior does anything but -- hey, revolutionary teenagers, what are you gonna do?). I am very into this. Unfortunately, since it's a musical, a lot of their interactions are set to songs with lyrics like "only men on distant ships, the women with them, swimming with them to shore." Which I love, but, y'know, I also love character development/exploration through coherent sentences and conversations. 

Dark Tower -- Roland and Cuthbert -- I would so much love for this to be slash but gen works also if you'd rather not go that route. I'd like to see a story that maybe explores why they're such good friends, or one that focuses more on Jericho Hill (or Roland after Jericho Hill), or more on how Roland and Cuthbert managed to kill Alain in the night.
Also, I would be so down if you wanted to work in Susan. Roland/Cuthbert/Susan ot3! if you are feeling crazy, or more on how Roland and Cuthbert's relationship was with Susan around, or post-Susan comfort of the slashy or platonic variety.
Roland/Cuthbert is just about the most vastly underappreciated thing. Cuthbert is that intelligent and obnoxiously witty smartass with hidden depths that I love so much (see: my feelings on Yorick) and Roland is...Roland, but younger and with hormones. And they are best friends! Who go on adventures which end in death and woe and betrayal and similar! And they may or may not have made out in the dust and/ or dry grass, barely lit by the embers of a dying fire! There was not enough Cuthbert; there will never be enough Cuthbert; please assist in filling the Cuthbert void.

Thank you thank you thank you I cannot wait to read what you write. I'm sure it will be excellent. 

Um. Also, wow, Sonia aside, my tastes are really transparent here. BEST FRIENDS MAYBE MAKING OUT hello overidentification?