Jan. 1st, 2010

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I wrote!: something that feels right (which, incidentally -- and I keep forgetting to add this in an author's note -- is a lyric from Tilly and the Wall's "Dust Me Off" -- which seems to be my go-to bffs-makin'-out song of choice). My very first Yuletide and my very first Juno fic.

Actually. It started off as Juno/Vanessa, and then I vacillated between Juno/Leah and Juno/Vanessa for the longest time before I remembered that I sort of really love Juno/Leah (see: best friends, kissing, my thing for this), and there you are.

And can I say? I love love love the voice I got to play with here. I had the deep fret I wouldn't be able to pull it off -- Juno has such a distinctive style to it (and it's always LOOK HOW QUIRKY grating for the first ten minutes of the movie, and then I always fall in love with it as if by magic), and I did not know if I could rock that. But I think I did okay. And anyway it was scads of fun.

is it next Yuletide yet?


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